Smart. Simple. Secure.

This is CAMS-ii.

01Improves Focus

Your core credit union management is enough to think about on its own. Why not simplify your information worries?

With CBS as your data processor, you are free from the responsibility of building, managing, and maintaining your software and communications networks as well as the essential infrastructure and hardware for them to work.

Using CAMS-ii buys you the right to forget about the burden of planning, sourcing, managing and upgrading the systems infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your credit union.

02Cost Effective

Instead of expensive hardware requirements and legacy software, credit unions can begin realizing the benefits of enterprise-class software, networking and communications in just minutes, on virtually any office workstation.

Plus, the flexibility of our software provides a seamless upgrade path for virtually unlimited scalability potential including photo identification, transactional check scanning, signature integration and remote document delivery.

03It's Simple

We provide business solutions that require the minimum customer intervention, effort and cost. This is because they are delivered to you across a simplified browser-based network, while we minimize the necessary hardware infrastructure, IT skills, administration and upgrade management.

Built into the product is the ability to tailor your specific account to support any number of users and to define the applications and security permissions for each.

It Simply Works

With CAMS-ii working for you, it’s time to take your credit union to the next level.

These days, without cutting-edge technology systems running best-of-breed productivity applications, you’re compromising your credit union’s ability to compete. Until now, only large credit unions could make the necessary capital investment to build, manage and maintain such complex technology solutions.

CBS levels the playing field by delivering credit unions fast, easy and affordable access to enterprise-level IT services and premium off-the-shelf software applications via our simplified network interface.

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We have been a partner with CBS for over 12 years. I say partner because without their help, dedication and willingness to work with us, there would have been numerous products that we would not have been able to offer at the credit union. We feel that this collaborative effort has created a better CAMS-ii and definitely helped us succeed.

Steven Goldberger - CEO, Actors Federal Credit Union

We feel like we are part of the CBS family. Their response time is good and we always know we are getting their best efforts. It is a great feeling when you know you’re being treated fairly and professionally.

Kimberly K. Darr - CEO, Front Royal Federal Credit Union

A core conversion is a huge undertaking for a credit union of any size. The staff and conversion team for CBS’s CAMS-ii product helped us every step of the way. I was shocked at how smoothly the conversion went for us and our members. The CAMS-ii system is so easy to use and allows the credit union to offer more services to our members that we could with our old core system.

Carole R. Fischer - CEO, Corner Post Federal Credit Union


All CAMS-ii native apps were developed specifically with today's ever-changing smartphone user in mind. Members can customize everything to provide their ideal mobile banking experience.

Card Control

With the power of CAMS-ii, you can offer your members an instant experience using instant issue cards, bill pay, shared branching, in-house credit cards to name a few. CAMS-ii also lets you decide which EFT vendor you elect to use.


With the CAMS-ii Content Management System, you're able to do an abundance of paperless tasks including check scanning, remote deposit capture and signature capture.


The CAMS-ii loan platform allows you to remain competitive in the fast-paced lending environment. Designed to make your life easier, many of the fully automated aspects of the loan package save time for you and your members.

Member Services

A wide range of member services including home deposits, document delivery, cross selling, interactive dashboards and much more, make CAMS-ii the perfect solution for your members.


CAMS-ii handles the things you don't want to focus on such as data management, unattended processing and system efficiencies to make your life easier.

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